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Why are they called ‘Nordic Huts’?

Our huts are inspired by the Danish love of hygge, family and keeping warm during the long winter months. People from all over Scandinavia have used huts like these for boating, fishing, camping or for just being in the wilderness for centuries. Our huts are unlike any others you can find here in Australia, and we hope they inspire you to Nordic up your life a little.

Which colours do Nordic Huts come in?

We offer two colours; a traditional Scandinavian deep black and falu red. But we can also deliver your hut to you unpainted so you can complete it with a colour of your choosing.

Doesn’t the black paint heat the hut interior during summer?

We use a heat-reflective paint from Astech Paints to keep your hut interior cool; the roof line is also insulated for added comfort throughout the year.

What can I use a Nordic Hut for?

Our three hut sizes – Skagen, Copenhagen, and Stockholm (small, medium, and large) – have a variety of uses. Our clients have purchased a Nordic Hut as a outdoor office, a parents retreat, kids playspace, a garden bedroom, a men’s shed and she shed. Copenhagen and Stockholm are large enough to install a mezzanine bed or storage level, how- ever this must be added by you and is not included in the cost. For Nordic Hut inspiration, have a look through our gallery page.

What materials are used in my Nordic Hut?

Interior and exterior timber cladding, asphalt roofing, metal flashing and quite a few screws! All Nordic Hut timber is sourced from sustainable regrowth plantation forests.

Are Nordic Huts insulated?

Yes, each hut is fully insulated with high performance polyester insulation batts, that are non-irritant, non-allergenic and eco-friendly. Wall and roof cavities are insulated.

I’ve ordered a Nordic Hut, how long will it take to deliver it to me?

You can expect a lead-in time of 6-8 weeks.

How is my Nordic Hut delivered?

All our huts are flat-packed, for easy transport. We’ll discuss the best delivery options with you once your order has been received. Delivery is a separate cost and will be quoted upon ordering.

Can you assemble my Nordic Hut?

Yes! Our expert team can assemble it on your chosen site. We’ll talk to you about a suitable delivery and assembly appointment date when your hut is ready. Delivery days are Monday to Friday. Hut assembly is an additional cost that will be quoted separately, depending on your location and site specifications.

Do I need a Council permit for my Nordic Hut?

We recommend you contact your local Council to make sure you’re compliant with their rules and regs, but in most areas you won’t need a permit.

Are the huts relocatable?

Yes…to an extent. All fixing points are screwed and can be disassembled, however your roofing asphalt will have to be replaced with new product (which is available from us).

Can I change the position of windows in my Nordic Hut?

Yes! Please refer to the information contained within the Skagen, Copenhagen, and Stockholm pages.

Can I connect electricity to my Nordic Hut?

Yes. That is not something we do for you as standard, but your electrician will be able to connect you to your home electricity connection, or you might like to consider a small off-grid solar system.

What about a deck for my Nordic Hut?

A deck is a great addition to your hut, and we can include this in your quote. Just ask us!

What other Nordic Hut add-ons do you offer?

On top of the standard hut cost, we can help you with:

• decking
• flooring options
• a small off-grid power system

Where is my Nordic Hut made?

Right here in Australia. In Williamstown, Melbourne to be exact. Each hut is made by local craftspeople with decades of experience in the carpentry and building industries who love what they do and want to deliver an excellent product to you.

How do I order my Nordic Hut?

Just get in touch! We prefer a phone call, but email is good too.